Hello all! My name is Shelby.

This is a site where I can talk about things I love in life the most! Along the way you might find videos where I talk about books that I've recently read, or reviews of places I've been while traveling across the world, or perhaps just blog posts on random thoughts of the day. 

A little bit more about me:

  • I got my BA in Psychology from a University in California (and still don't know what I'm doing with my life).

  • I like to spend my free time reading books and sipping on coffee or wine.

  • I absolutely love animals. My instagram story seems to always feature a dog (whether it's mine or not).

  • I tend to put on lipstick for no reason- especially if I have no where to go.

  • My entire life I've expressed myself best through writing and have been writing ever since I learned the craft.

  • I like to dream big- I mean, impossibly big.

  • I often bake delicious desserts to deal with stress.

You'll learn a lot more about me along the way, but until then, I hope you enjoy what you read!