Making Moves in 2017

Quite literally.

I've just got done moving my things into my new apartment and let's just say it definitely put me in a different mindset. Being in a new environment can do that to you. 

What's funny, though, is that I've lived in this same complex before! My best friend in the entire world and I used to live here about a year ago. I moved in with her and her boyfriend (now husband) over a year ago and we all got along well. And then he (said husband) got a job in downtown San Diego and worked 7 days a week as a personal trainer. Yeah, SEVEN days a week. So off the went to live in La Jolla. 

But now, Mr. Best Friend is opening a new gym in North County and so here we are back in the same complex with a new outlook on life and an extra roommate (and pets!) this time. 

What happened to me during all those moves was a lot of growth and a LOT of packing and unpacking.

I first set out on my own to live in an apartment all on my own. Moving wasn't so terrible- going from living with two roommates to living alone wasn't hard at all- the hardest part was seperating all the things that we shared in our old place. 

So I moved out on my own and I loved it! I would come home and cook myself dinner and read a book or watch a new episode of a show on Netflix. Life was nice. But rent wasn't. I quickly realized that I was an idiot for thinking that I would be able to live easy with a rent all to myself. So I did probably one of the most insane and cringeworthy things... I broke my lease. FOR A SH*T TON of money, mind you. But I was paying less to break my lease than I would've to stay at the place... so in the end I was saving a tiny bit of money... if I would've stayed at my mom's.

And back to my mom's house I went. This time moving was much, MUCH easier. All the things in my apartment were my own. And I simply added what I had to all the things my mom and sister had at their house! 

Nothing was wrong with living at my mom's house. I loved waking up and being around my family. I really liked the saving money aspect (although I guess I am still paying for the lease-break so I'm technically not saving). But I felt like I didn't really have my own space and my own life (sounds angsty, right?). But it is just how I felt. I had my own room but I would find myself not doing things I love in favor of doing things that waste my time- like watching hours of tv or munching on unhealthy snacks that I normally wouldn't. 

I am an incredibly fortunate person and have a really good job and am able to live on my own- well live reasonably especially with roommates. And I really wanted to live on my own again. Or at least with my best friend. We just live well together. And so when they asked me if I wanted to move out in 2017 since they were moving back near me- I clutched onto my wallet (with more in mind this time) and said YES

So here we are. I've come full circle. I am an expert at packing and moving and unpacking and packing again. I've learned where to spend money and what I really value. I learned that I'll make mistakes and learn from them- definitely learn from them- and I'll continue to do so as long as I'm alive on this earth. And all the while I have learned what it's like to live with other people, live alone, and also live at home- but with a new perspective.

I've been in my new apartment since the 7th of January. We got the keys on the 3rd, I moved my things on the 5th and 6th, and all of us celebrated our first night in our new home on the 7th. This year will be a big year of growth, finding what I want in life, and going after it full force. I'm going to make mistakes, fail at times, fall down and get back up, and I'm eagerly looking forward to all of it!